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The Study is accredited by AdvancED.
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  • Set course fee applies if three or more students are enrolled.
  • Group Tutor Rate applies if two students are enrolled.
  • Private Tutor Rate applies if one student is enrolled.




Homeschooling can present challenges for both the student and the parents. The Study is now offering a tutoring program specifically for homeschooled students in grades K-6 who need assistance in solidifying their foundational academic skills. Featuring regular assessments, each student will have instruction that is appropriate to their grade and skill level. Cost is $250 per month and we are able to bill Connections or IDEA directly.

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SAT Prep



This course reviews all SAT material and equips students with SAT test-taking strategies. Students also are given the opportunity to practice, gaining much-needed confidence for test day.  Minimum enrollment for each course is 3 students. Cost of the course is $375 plus tax.

Upcoming Sessions:

May 22-June 1      Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday      4-5:30

Enrollment Open: Enroll Online

Mastery in Multiplication



This three-week course teaches the multiplication facts in a fun and effective way. We believe so strongly in this course because it gives students the confidence they need for long division, fractions, ratios, and percentages.

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Jr. High Math

jrhighmathInstruction in fractions, ratios, decimals, geometry and basic algebra. Perfect for 7th and 8th graders needing to solidify Jr. High concepts before moving on.

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Excellence in Writing

writingThe class is a must for students that want to improve their writing and become an independent writer. This course teaches students to dress up their writing with adjectives, adverbs, adverbial clauses, and who/which clauses.

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Study Skills

studyskillsThis course is perfect for those students that just can’t get their “ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS” together.

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Art Exploration

art_explorationStudents will explore art techniques and theory from historical and contemporary artists throughout the world. Students will explore a variety of techniques and materials that include drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.

Students will learn to make critical judgments about their own art and the art of others by acquiring a basic understanding of the Elements and Principles of Design that go into creating a successful piece of art. Students will be encouraged to relate beauty and the meaning of art in their lives.

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