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After many year of wonderful experiences with Kerri I can highly encourage everyone to check out the study. Kerri has always had a positive outlook in all life experiences, and has always shown an interest in encouraging kids when they have just about given up. She is a beautiful example of what all teachers should be. She is kind generous, gifted and so beautiful inside and out. I should know…..I had the pleasure of raising her. she is my lovely daughter…take care and keep up the good work.

Love, Mom

I am writing this letter as a testimony to what my child gained and has learned through Mastery in Multiplication. She is in 2nd grade and not only has retained all her multiplication well after the workshop but extremely enjoyed the learning process. The way Kerri Nelson taught and presented the information was both exciting and downright fun. She has an amazing gift for teaching and my child was thrilled to go to the workshop every day. She learned by songs, poems, drills, and a variety of other methods, which kept it fun and engaging. I have not only recommended this workshop to others but would definitely do it again next year as a refresher course. Math is such an essential and vital part of learning and Kerri will give your child the confidence and ability to thrive in math. Come and see what The Study has to offer and I know you won’t be disappointed.

Karen GrossMastery in Multiplication

As a homeschool family, we love The Study. The Mastery of Multiplication workshop has been a great addition to our homeschool experience this year. My 2nd grader and 4th grader have gained a greater confidence in multiplication in such a fun way. Not only have they gained a confidence in multiplication but in their ability to learn as well. I’m happy to say that my children have mastered multiplication because of this program and the amazing Mrs. Nelson. They now look at multiplication as a fun time and not a part of their school day.
We love the Mastery of Multiplication, Mrs. Nelson and the study. We highly recommend this program to any one in need of a fun way to teach their children to love learning.

The Davis FamilyMastery in Multiplication

“My daughter was having trouble with the memorization of the multiplication tables. We had tried for several years to master them and just couldn’t. With just a few sessions with Kerri Nelson at the study, my daughter now knows them. It was amazing and wonderful to see the look of pride on her face when she could recall them. Kerri had neat, little silly stories to help with the memorization and the results were just fantastic. I highly recommend The Study to any parent who is seeking extra help for their child. Kerri Nelson’s positive, energetic personality makes learning fun, especially for a child who has struggled in an area for years and feels they can’t do it. Kerri shows them they can.”

Terri FergusonMastery in Multiplication

My boys have really enjoyed participating in various workshops at The Study. Kerri and her staff are not only knowledgeable of the subject matter but also experts at creating a fun, educational environment where learning is a blast! If your child thrives in an active, hands-on classroom setting, The Study is the place to be.
I’ve also enrolled my sons in private tutoring and piano lessons at The Study. From mastery of multiplication to oral reading, they are loving to learning with Mrs. Nelson! Never a complaint when I say it’s time to head to The Study.

Ginni DeLon

If your child needs a little extra push in gaining confidence or in mastery of a needed skill, I can tell you just the place to go! We have personal experience with Keri Nelson at The Study, and my son has already made a huge improvement in more than one area. Keri showed him a fun way to learn important multiplication facts, and to remember them! The main reason we came to The Study was because my son had completely lost his confidence in his school work. By Keri giving him the one on one training he needed, and with her natural way with little kiddos, she had him gleaming with confidence and showing the first glimpse of a new attitude towards his work within just the first week. I would absolutely recommend The Study to anyone whose child needs anything from a refresher study, to a mastery in a new skill. The Study is a place that you can really personalize your child’s needs, it’s a place any child can be successful!

Tera MillerGeneral Tutoring

Kerri, I just wanted to send a big thank you for the work that you and your staff do at The Study. Ethan entered Geometry tutoring lost, and insecure about the subject. After only 5 sessions with his tutor, (her name escapes me) he is already doing better. When Ethan started, he had a 58% in Geometry. When I checked Powerschool today, he is already up to 68%. The last few assignments he has turned in are all A’s and B’s. I cannot thank you and his tutor enough. Ethan’s tutor is spectacular. She has a real gift of teaching and she has brought him so far. I am forever grateful to her for her ability to bend, and figure out the gingival style of learning.

Stephen has now started going to Geometry tutoring as well. I’m so pleased that he has decided to get some extra help. Please share this email with the tutor. I truly am grateful that you provide parents with tools to get the extra help for our kids.

Marcy BrownGeometry Tutoring