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The Study is accredited by AdvancED.
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  • Set course fee applies if three or more students are enrolled.
  • Group Tutor Rate applies if two students are enrolled.
  • Private Tutor Rate applies if one student is enrolled.

Piano Lessons


There are many benefits to learning to play the piano. In addition to having a wonderful creative outlet, children learn to handle pressure in life. Students become proficient in handling stress by participating in music performances, and by experiencing triumphs and failures. Students also learn to respond to advice and feedback from others. It also teaches children the value of hard work and perseverance. Children will gain a sense of achievement.

All Sessions include 1/2 hour of private tutoring. Taught by Patti Ireland.



Single piano lesson cost is $25 plus tax

Accepting New Students: Call 907.262.6227 or contact us to sign up

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